Aug 012011
How To Make Your Posture Better?

Slouching means to sit stand or walk in a discomfited position. Nature has given an adequate curve line and a perfect body posture to us. Nature has given us three curves: 1st is the Cervical curve that is an inward or forward curve at the neck, 2nd is the Thoracic curve that is an outward [...]

Jun 022011
Blood Test For Diet Plan

Many ladies start a diet programme when they discover that they are on way to becoming over weight or have already become over weight. The best option is to exercise control on your diet before you develop the tendency to gain weight or become over weight. When one decides to start a diet programme, the [...]

Jun 012011
Mesotherapy For Weight Loss

Mesotherapy was discovered in France about fifty five years back and is being widely used in France and Europe. This procedure has not become popular in USA due to certain reservations on the part of FDA, which has not put its seal on the safety and effect on humans and is labelled under alternate method [...]

May 312011
Teeth Whitening Techniques At Home

Teeth are often referred to as pearly whites but they get discoloured due to age, disease, smoking or neglect. Everybody wants a shining set of teeth and now it is possible to restore their lustre. They can be bleached at home or whitened by a dentist. It is important to care for the teeth every [...]

May 312011
Home Remedies For Insomnia

A person is said to have insomnia if he is not able to sleep properly at night. He may have snatches of sleep but not sound sleep and does not wake up refreshed. Insomnia normally is a side effect of other problems and is not a disease by itself. Various factors which contribute to insomnia [...]