Three Facts About Heart Disease


More and more people are falling prey to heart diseases. You may blame it on a bad diet or a fitness regime, but the truth is that, even though these factors matter a lot, there are various other factors as well that affect your heart. It may be a bad diet or a family history of a heart condition. Given below are three facts that will help your protect your heart:-

1. You Can Suffer From Heart Diseases At Any Age

Unlike the depleting human growth hormone levels that are a surety with the growing age, heart diseases need not necessarily come with age. Movies are just movies and what they portray is not always right. They always show that the old man died of a heart attack. The major cause of any heart disease is, however, obesity and if you look around you, you will find that a number of people, including children, are obese. All of these are prone to heart disease.


Although, it is true that your heart becomes weaker as your body grows older, that is no longer the only reason. When your body becomes obese, other factors such as enhanced blood pressure and cholesterol come into play. These affect the heart irrespective of the age. Therefore, if you are overweight, consult a doctor today and begin a workout and diet schedule so that you can begin to lose all those excess pounds.

2. Alcohol Is Not Good For Your Heart

There are so many studies that say that alcohol is good for your heart but the key word here is moderation. Anything in excess is not good. Don’t take advantage of what the studies say and twist their words to your benefit. So what does moderation mean? It means different things for men and women.

For women, it means, only one drink in a day and for men, it is two drinks. One drink of beer is 12 ounces; for wine, it is 4 ounces and for hard liquor it is 1.5 ounces. When you drink in excess of these limits, you can suffer from various heart diseases. Red wine has been proven to be good and so it is an exception but don’t rely on it to keep your heart in good health.

3. Being Fit Does Not Make You Immune To Heart Diseases

Exercising and a healthy diet is essential for a healthy heart but these are not the only two things that matter. There are other factors too, like your ethnicity, gender, female post menopause or heart disease in the family that affect your heart’s health.

A Caucasian is less prone to heart diseases than an American Indian, Mexican American or African American. Other influences like stress, anger, high cholesterol and blood pressure, having personality Type A and diabetes matter too.

All these facts are to be taken into consideration when you are looking into your heart’s health. The other factors are important but the only thing that is within your control is maintaining your exercise and diet.


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