Grapefruit for Healthy Heart


One wonders whether grapefruit should be part of our healthy heart diet diet?

Well I’ll tell you, there has been some research recently that shows that red grapefruit reduces triglycerides and cholesterol in people who already have some sort of heart disease. What we call the Western world has a very high incidence of coronary heart disease. One of the biggest causes of this is our Western diet that is full of fatty foods and has a lower intake of fruit and vegetables.


As we all know the best way to prevent coronary heart disease is to have a diet that’s rich in fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds as well as carrying out regular exercise that gets our heart pumping and we get a little bit of breath. One of the fruits I like is grapefruit.

I therefore did a little bit of online research and found that red grapefruit is actually very good for our heart. One recent study had only 57 participants but it is quite significant. I say this is because they found that red grapefruit is better for us than the average ordinarily yellow or blonde grapefruit. The reason for this was found to be the difference in participants’ triglyceride levels. These only dropped for the group that was eating the red grapefruit. During the study the researchers also found that red grapefruit had higher levels of antioxidants than what we will call ordinary grapefruit. And, the people who ate the red grapefruit had higher levels of antioxidants in their blood.

This study really was quite interesting because it was carried out on people that already have some serious form of heart disease. Further, their blood tests showed that they were not really benefiting from taking statins and some other medications. It was just the grapefruit that seem to help. We do not know if grapefruit can help prevent heart attacks but we do know that once a person has had some form of heart disease grapefruit in the diet can help.

On a personal note I take Avorvastatin as part of my daily routine because I do have high cholesterol if I do not do something about it. I went to one pharmacist and asked if it was all right to take grapefruit as part of my diet. That particular person said that it was fine. This is incorrect. Had I read the instructions on the packet of my Lipitor (atorvastatin) tablets I would have seen that grapefruit can have a detrimental effect on the drug. My wife went to another pharmacist and they affirmed that one should not eat grapefruit when taking statins and some other medications.

In conclusion then, it appears that eating red grapefruit as part of the normal diet can be beneficial for those of us not on any medication. And, it is always advisable to seek medical advice before going on any form of diet. Please be warned that grapefruit can affect some forms of medication and you really must seek guidance from a medical professional before you try eating grapefruit as part of your healthy heart diet.


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