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For a healthy and well balanced diet fruits are mostly preferred. It is one of the best way of reducing weight . Most fruits are rich in nutrients and low in carbohydrate. Aside this they are low in calories and high in fiber. People who wants to cut down the calories prefers to eat fruits more.

How Many Carbs In A Banana?

How Many Carbs In A Banana, Banana are the most popular fruit in the world. There are almost 1000 varieties of banana around the world and sub divided in 50 groups. Banana tree which is in fact a grown herb and it’s almost 15 meters high. CAVENDISH is the most commonly used kind of banana and exports in markets. 50 countries are producing banana which is around 105 million tones per year.


It is believed that banana that the earliest written reference to banana is in Sanskrit and dates back to around 500 BC. Banana are suspected to be one of the earliest fruit on the earth by some horticulturists. The origin is Southeast Asia, in the jungles of Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia, where many varieties of bananas are still growing. Africans are have credited to given the present name “BANANA” since the word banana would be drive from Arabic for “FINGER. They started to trade it internationally by the end of 14th century. With the passage of time and development in Infrastructures and transportation subsequently enabled the banana to become most important world trade fruits.


Few Amazing Facts about Banana:

  1. On an average in UK each person eat 10 kgs banana per year which is about 100 bananas.
  2. The word banana is drive from an Arabic word “BANAN” which means “Finger”.
  3. The banana tree is not actually a tree it’s an herb which is one of the largest herb in the world.
  4. The trunk of banana tree is not made of wood but by overlapping of leaves.
  5. Banana contains tryptophan a type of protein which relax the body and moods .So banana could make you happier.
  6. The skin of banana can be used to calm irritation of mosquito bites. By rubbing the inside skin of banana you can remove the itchy area.
  7. Banana is a natural source of energy booster it contains almost 95 calories in a medium size banana that provides you a quick but sustained energy boost in a natural, nutritious and easily digestible form without fat, cholesterol or sodium.
  8. The stem of banana consist of “hand “, which consist of 10 to 20 bananas. When a hand is split the banana become cluster which consist of 3 to 8 bananas.
  9. The inner skin of banana can be used for to polish shoes
  10. The stains on teeth can also be removed by rubbing the inside skin of banana on teeth.

Carbs in Banana:

People who wants to lose weight are always concerned about the calories and carbs in the food. Banana is one of the concerned and favorite fruit of people because they are sweetly delicious and nutritious. A medium size of banana has about 27 grams of carbohydrates. Banana are a popular fruit. Weather you like liked you’re sliced on top of the cereal, baked in oven in warm nutty bread or sliced in cold creamy sundae reason is you like it. If you are a low carb diet, however you may wonder if you can stay true to your diet plan. Following are the nutritional value of banana.

CARBOHYDRATES:  30 to 40 grams depending upon the size of banana.

CALORIES: 105 to 140 grams

Here are variety of banana carbs with respect to serving in sizes, Food item that contains banana.

Carbs in Banana
Net Carbs (g) Quantity
1 extra small banana contains  16.40
1 small size banana contains  20.47
1 medium sized banana contain  20.85
1 large sized banana contains  27.56
1 extra large banana contains  31.72
1 Oz banana serving contains  5.78
100 grams banana serving contains  20.24
1 Cup sliced banana contains  30.36
1 Cup mashed banana contains  45.59
1 baked banana contains  30.08
1 fried red banana contains 21.20
1 banana fitters contains  10.20
1 chocolate covered banana would  37.39

Banana Not Contain




Net Carb (g) Quantity
1 and 100 contains  14.36
1 slice banana bread contained  32.06
1 piece banana cream pie contains  46.38
1 ounce banana pudding contains  6.01
1 banana nut muffins contain  68.00

From the above mentioned figures you got an idea that how many carbs raw have and if it is used as a part of cooked food. How Many Carbs In A Banana.

Benefits of Banana:

  1. Banana help to cover high level of depression.
  2. Banana protect against the muscular cramps.
  3. Improves your mood and reduce PMS symptoms by eating banana, relax your muscles and stress relieving.
  4. Bananas reduce swelling.
  5. Protect against type 2 diabetes.
  6. Strengthen your nerve system.
  7. Helps in production of white cells due to high level vitamin B-6.
  8. Increase Blood and strengthen against anemia added iron in banana.
  9. Protect against heart strokes and blood pressure because it contain high quantity of potassium and lower salt.
  10. Banana aids in digestion.
  11. Restores the electrolytes after diarrhoea.
  12. Relieves heartburn and GERD and anti reflux.
  13. Relieves stomach ulcer by coating the lining of the stomach against corrosive acids.
  14. Protect against kidney cancer
  15. High level of potassium Makes you smart
  16. High level of antioxidants  provide protection against   chronic and radical diseases.
  17. Eating banana reduce temperature in case of fever.

Glycemic Index of Banana:

Those fruits and food which immediately increase the sugar level in blood after eaten are considered high Glycemic index. Banana also contain glycemic index in it. An unripe banana is less digestible  because the starch content  in banana is depend upon the ripeness of banana that’s why a ripe banana contains carbs that are more readily converted to sugar available to the body.

A study show an unripe banana have low glycemic index as compared to those who are slightly under ripe or overripe. However the degree of ripeness is not specific and the glycemic  index fr banana may range from 46-70 with 52 considered as the average.


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