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Low blood pressure is usually a condition when the pressure of blood against the walls of blood vessels, after the each beat of heart gets lower than usual. Dizziness or lightheadedness is the symptoms of it.  Brain and other important organs don’t receive adequate supply of blood. Blood pressure may fall in the range of 90/60 or even lower which can create problem.


Reduction in cardiac output, or in volume of blood causes low blood pressure. Severe or moderate bleeding leads to low blood pressure. An acute pancreatitis in which blood enters the inflamed tissue around abdominal cavity or pancreas can deplete the volume of blood. Heart muscles may get weakened to cause heart attack and repeated heart attack can reduce the volume of blood. Disease of heart’s valves like aortic stenosis is another cause of it. Dehydration is another important reason of it.

Diarrhea, prolonged vomiting, excessive sweating, fever, heat stroke can lead to kidney failure or even death. An inflammation in pericarditis which is a sac around heart and accumulation of fluid within pericardium, around heart leads to restrict pumping ability.

Blood clotting in a vein blocks the flow of blood to diminish the ability of heart to pump blood properly. A slow rate of heart can slow down heart pumping than normal rate. Sick sinus syndrome, fast heart rate, medications taken to lower blood pressure, diuretic pills, depression treating pills, taking of alcohol, narcotics, micturition syncope, adrenal insufficiency, septicemia, reaction to medications hypotension which is sudden drop in blood pressure  and vasovagal reaction  lead to reduction in blood pressure.


The brain starts malfunctioning on getting low blood pressure. Since the brain is on the top of the body and the blood reaches brain after fighting gravity. It leads to brain damage. Inadequate supplies of blood to the heart cause chest pain and shortness of breath. All organs of the body on very low blood pressure are in condition of shock. The blood flow to the skin, feet, and hands decreased and they become cold or turn blue. The palpitation is felt more on getting heart forcefully.

Home Remedies

Treat dehydration with fluids and minerals. And intravenous fluids and electrolyte are given in severe dehydration as per doctor’s advice. Intravenous fluids, blood transfusions recover blood loss. Increase water and salt on having postural hypotension. Take a juice of beetroot twice daily to treat this problem.

Indian spikenard is taken in thirty to forty grains to regain health. A little camphor and cinnamon with this herb is taken in form of concoction thrice daily to treat it. Epsom salts bath is one of the easy remedy to solve this problem. It should be taken before going to bed. Vitamins B, C are regularly taken to treat it. Salt or salty foods may be taken to normalize it. Fruits of all kinds are taken to cure this ailment. A little exercise and warm water enema treat this problem.

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