May 172011

For healthy living it is necessary to consume a healthy diet. Our body, by the natural process, absorbs minerals from the food we eat and converts inputs into vitamins necessary for healthy living. Many people do not consume healthy and balanced food. To overcome the deficiency so created in the body, they resort to taking supplements in the form of pills. These supplements contain vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes.

In order to stay healthy, many supplements are available in the market. The manufacturers, in order to increase sale, make tall claims of the benefits of these to the human body. The consumer needs to decide the benefits and ill effects of these before going in for these supplements. Many people, due to lack of understanding, consume heavy doses of these supplements. A part of these are absorbed by the body and the rest flushed out with urine.

When you are young, the body is capable of absorbing nutrients from the food you eat. As you grow old the capacity decreases and supplements become essential. In this case supplements that contain nutrients like vitamins are needed to cover the deficiency. Non nutrients like herbal extracts are also consumed to accelerate or normalise the body functions.

In certain cases consumption of supplements are essential. These are when a person is suffering from anaemia which can be caused due to iron or blood deficiency caused by worms, prolonged sickness, lack of appetite or while recovering from surgical process.

Though these have positive effect on our body but excess are bad for health and may lead to side effects of supplements. Excess of Vitamin A, D or E can get stored in your liver and cause damage to it. Similarly, excess dose of Vitamin C, when not associated with consumption of sufficient quantity of water, can be a cause of formation of kidney stones. Supplements containing excess of Vitamin A can cause chapped skin and bone disorder.

The quantity required by the body depends upon each individual. Before going in for these supplements it is necessary that a proper assessment is made of the requirement. Your doctor will be in a position to guide you about the requirement in your case and also the period for which these need to be taken. Before starting consumption of supplements it is necessary to study the literature made available by the manufacturers with them.

It is always better to eat a healthy diet, have proper rest, keep tension away and above all do not be fascinated with the multicoloured pills available.