Mar 312011

Some people look to naturopathy and natural products to cure all ills. These do help in certain diseases linked with diet but not in all. They should be treated more as a preventive measure than a curative one. The belief that apple pectin will help get rid of eye floaters needs to be examined.

You should first understand what pectin is. It is a soluble fibre found mostly in the skin of certain fruits like apples. Fibre is very useful for our digestive system as it adds bulk to waste products and prevents constipation. It helps in weight loss as a small quantity of fibre containing products easily fills our stomach. Fibre bonds with cholesterol and helps to excrete it. Thus the quantity of cholesterol in our body is kept in check.

What are eye floaters: Now you should understand what floaters actually are. The eye has many parts. What we see in front is the pupil. The eye inside is filled with a jelly like substance called vitreous. The layer at the back of the eye is called retina. Light enters from an object through the pupil, goes through the vitreous and falls on the retina. Thus we can see a particular object.

Due to age or some disease sometimes the vitreous shrinks. In doing so it tears the retinal tissue. Small pieces of the torn tissue start floating in the vitreous. When they come in our line of vision we see tiny black specks. These are called floaters. If there are one or two they may be ignored.

Treatment for eye floaters:If they interfere with your vision, then the doctor may suggest a vitrectomy. In this procedure the vitreous along with any floaters is removed and replaced by a saline solution. This process is not recommended easily as complications such as retinal detachment can occur.

If bleeding occurs when the retinal tissues tears, then new floaters are formed. This could mean retinal detachment and immediately you should go to an eye specialist otherwise there is a risk of vision loss. At times the vitreous clumps together forming thick strands. These hamper vision when they fall in the line of vision.

Due to any reason if the floaters are large in number or large in size, they may block the light so that it is unable to fall on the retina. Then you are not able to see the object properly. Instead you may see partial darkness and partial object. This requires immediate treatment before the situation gets worse. So it is very clear that apple pectin or any food product cannot cure eye floaters. Consult a doctor for any such problem.