Nov 192009

stress management techniques tipsStress is something which everybody would like to avoid in life. Stress management techniques should be easy to use, quick to learn and implement in life. It can be used to easily manageable levels. Such techniques give the help to have control over stress. Try to be healthier, happier and more pleasant person to be around in the social circle of the society. Some positive stress management tips are mentioned here to manage the stress level.

Keep Yourself Cool

People are always around you. They are losing their head but you must try to remain cool in all circumstances. You are supposed to learn from others who are trained enough to learn stress management. Be sure that you learn the best stress management in all conditions. If you are able to remain cool in all circumstances, others will positively follow you to keep stress away.

Breathe Deeply to Relax

The immediate way for stress managment or to relax your body is breathing long and deep. Count seven while breathing in and count eleven while breathing out to get complete relaxation. Repeat this breathing process till your heart rate is quite slowed down and your palms get dried off from the sweats and normality start being felt by you.

Keep Stress Thoughts Away

You are ever ready to keep your thoughts away from yourself. Some times the energy is being wasted on the stress level which is giving us needless worries. It is better to prevent such thoughts from entering the mind without any logic.

Proper Diet, Exercise and Sleep

It is really appropriate to do some exercises to keep you fit and healthy. Adequate sleep is essential to remain relaxed to avoid any stress. It is one of the best stress management techniques to be adopted by all to keep stress away from you. Take the advice of your parents, spouse or close friends and be great stress managers.

Be Relaxed Before Every Work

It is absolutely good to feel relaxed before every meeting, interview, presentations, and tight deadlines and keep your heart rate down properly. Try to make list of stress trigger points and see which point is making you stressful and do you need to take more tea or coffee on these stressing point. Observe it minutely and calm down yourself.

Yoga and Meditation is the Key to Relax

For any mental problems like stress, anxiety, depression, the Yoga or breathing exercises are the key to get rid of them. Any time when you feel stress, meditation should be practiced to overcome the situation and to count down. Daily practice of Yoga or Meditation will keep you physically and mentally healthy.

Develop a Hobby

To keep the stress away, you should develop a hobby which can make you relaxed daily. Spending some time daily with your hobby will keep you fresh, happy and satisfied. Hobbies like any game, gardening, painting, writing etc. can help you a lot to manage the stress.

Avoid Stress Sneezer

There are virtually some stress germs which are indiscriminately spread by the sneezing of such people. It is better to protect yourself from the stress of others. It is really better if you are able to restrict your contact with them and try to teach them not to be under any stress. Do not impose the stress of others upon you but relax yourself and make others relax too.

Take Stress Positively

Try to make stress one’s friend. Do not get frightened and make an attempt to enhance your energy at the right moment. Top sports persons are rarely seen relaxed before achievement of  their goal or the actual competition. They usually perform far better when the right time come. Make wise use of stress to push yourself a little bit harder.