May 212010

The largest nerve in the body is called the Sciatic nerve. Any kind of problem with this nerve can lead to sciatica pain. This nerve starts from the lower portion of our spinal cord and extends up to the legs after passing through the buttock region. It’s malfunctioning can lead to pain in the thigh region as well as may lead to numbing of one side of the body.

One may also experience weakness and a kind of stinging feeling. This pain tends to increase after long sitting or standing or walking for some amount of time. A person suffering from sciatica pain is also not able to bend his body forwards or backwards with ease. In short, it’s sheer botheration in the normal function of our body that is required to accomplish day-today activities.

This pain can be controlled to a large extent by the spinal decompression treatment. In this treatment, undue pressure on the Sciatic nerve (that’s the real cause of pain) is slowly and gradually removed. For this the patient is made to stretch his spine at a special angle. This is done gradually with frequent periods of rest. A kind of negative pressure is created in this way that frees the nerve of its tension. A qualified chiropractor is only competent enough to arrive at good results with this therapy.

In addition to spinal decompression, you are also taught a lot of other stretching exercises that help to better the blood circulation in your back and help loosen the tight muscles. You not only get relief from pain but also acquire a healthy back and spinal chord.

You, on your own, also can take certain precaution that would keep you protected from this pain. First of all maintain a straight posture while sitting, especially if you do sitting work for very long periods of time. Avoid lifting too much heavy objects at home and always be careful at the gym-don’t overlook the advice of the gym instructor.

Avoid carrying a heavy bag or hand bag. Instead develop the habit of using a backpack. In this way all of the weight is distributed evenly on your shoulders and you cut the risk of any kind of neck, shoulder or back pain. Don’t start your exercises all of a sudden. Always have a warm up period. You can also do yoga and meditation. This would make you healthy from inside by rejuvenating your concentration power and self-confidence.

Also, don’t use very soft bed while sleeping. The mattress that you use should be of high quality and a hard one. These days special kinds of mattresses are available that tend to take care of many back problems. If you are suffering from pain, you can also use the mattresses that are specially designed for the aged people.

Follow certain precaution, do as your chiropractor says and develop positive attitude. You would again feel yourself healthy and beaming with energy.