May 112011

Knee problems are rampant now-a-days. The old and not so old, both seem to be suffering from pain in joints, especially knees. Bad genes can be blamed to some extent but basically it is a disease caused by a faulty life style and ill treatment of knees. Long term problems set in as a result.

Nature has given knees the ability to absorb stress on a regular basis as you walk, jump and run. You must limit this stress to a certain degree, otherwise chronic pain will set in. This may culminate in the inability to do simple tasks like walking. To prevent such a situation from occurring you need to be kind to your knees.

The best thing you can do is to maintain an optimum weight for your height and the type of body structure you have. Every single pound counts as the knees have to carry that much weight at all times. The amount of weight corresponds to the pressure that is put on the knees as they have to support and hold up the whole body. Too much weight causes the cartilage in the knees to disintegrate faster causing irreparable damage.

In addition to sensible eating exercise is also essential to maintain weight. In addition exercise helps to strengthen muscles which in turn support the knees and give them strength. Low impact exercises like walking, yoga, cycling and swimming build the muscles around the knees which protect ligaments, tendons and joints.

Blood circulation improves with mild exercise, bringing more oxygen and nutrients to the muscles. Mild exercise daily is more beneficial than strenuous exercise done irregularly. Vigorous exercise done without proper guidance may cause injury and do more harm than good.

Shoes play an important role in knee health. High heels cause extra stress to joints. Platform type heels are better than pencil heels. Your footwear should be such that weight is evenly distributed. The arch of the foot should have ample support. Wear therapeutic shoes if you have bow legs or flat arches. There are many stores that sell them or will make them to your specification.

Maintain good posture when you stand or walk. Do not slouch or angle your body when you walk as this will put undue stress on your knees. Your weight should be equal on both the legs. Keep your stomach muscles tight and your back straight. This will save your ligaments and joints a lot of unnecessary wear and tear.

The sooner you start paying attention to your knees and looking after them, the better. You need to use them every day of our lives. If you look after them, they will serve you long and well. You will also be saved from pain and the cost of surgery and other treatment of the knees.