Mar 312011

The face is a very important part of the body. This part of the body is first to be seen by any person. Like other parts of the body, the face is also made up of muscles. Muscles are made of tiny protein filaments which work together and provide motion to the body. Muscles in each and every part of the body are served by nerves. Nerves link the muscles to the brain and by a complex process communicate and pass impulses and directions of the brain to different body parts.

Movement of muscles are the cause of different actions of the body. Facial muscles control the appearance of a person. These muscles are responsible for the control on the speech, eyes, ear, tongue and jaws etc. Malfunctioning of facial muscles may result in muscle related headache, improper speech, involuntary facial expressions, ear infection, eye troubles, trauma and facial paralysis.

Facial muscle therapy is a process to control these problems. Facial therapy involves exercise of the different facial muscles. Lack of exercise of these muscles can lead to facial wrinkles, face sagging and lack of tone. In addition to exercise, facial massage therapy can be of great help. Both exercise and massage helps to tone up muscles. The supply of blood increases and this helps increased oxygen supply to the muscles.

Facial massage involves a number of processes. These basically include stroking of the muscles, these are tapped rubbed and manipulated for correction of deformity. Orthodontic correction involves with making teeth strong. By this therapy facial muscles are relaxed to reduce stress. The therapy is useful even to correct tempor-mandibular joint disorders. Acupuncture is an old Chinese therapy. This therapy is helpful in relieving a person of the headache which reappears very often. Acupuncture also help relieves a person of muscular disfunctioning. It can be said these therapies complement each other.

Recently use of micro current instruments for facial therapy is popularity. Micro current is actually a reproduction of the micro current produced by our body which helps to communicate between the brain and the body muscles. As we age, this biological current decreases and the communication becomes difficult, this therapy stimulates this function. This has been found useful in muscular treatment and is being used in the cosmetology industry for cellular rejuvenation, facial toning and also for reduction of wrinkles. Micro current technology has been found useful in treatment of facial paralysis caused due to inflammation of nerves on one side of the face. The recovery takes about one month and treatment is often permanent.