Mar 292011

Those who have weak eyesight and wear spectacles often want to convert to using contact lenses as they are aesthetically appealing and convenient, but they may be apprehensive on a few accounts. The main reasons are that many people feel that contact lenses are not safe and are expensive. Prices have come down now and buying online is cost effective. However prices will vary for different prescriptions so that will have to be taken into consideration.

Another thing most people want to know about is the ease with which contact lenses can be inserted into the eye and how to take them out. It does seem a difficult task to put something in your eye but your optician will train your fully. He will do so under the supervision and with practice, it will become second nature to you. When putting them in the eye, ensure to fit them properly. There are only minimal chances of ill-fitting lenses falling out but they can cause discomfort.

Similarly, removing them is quick and easy. However, if you wear them for long, they become dry and may present some difficulty in removal. In that case, put a few drops of contact lens eye drops in your eyes. This will hydrate and loosen them, and they can be removed easily. Do not fear, they never stick to the eye.

Contact lenses rest on a thin membrane present between the two eyelids and it covers the whole eye. This membrane prevents the lenses from moving from their position so they will stay where you place them.

It is imperative that you follow your optician’s instructions in keeping your lenses in good condition. Always make sure that your hands are clean. Daily disposable contact lenses require no cleaning. Fortnightly and monthly lenses must be cleaned with contact lens solution and stored in a contact lens case. These precautions will prevent any eye infections.

Lenses can be used even by children once they are old enough to care for them. They are available for myopia or short sightedness, hypermetropia or long sightedness, astigmatism, presbyopia and a combination of these. The lenses are made for all eye number and can cater to a vast majority of people.

You should visit your optician yearly to ensure that your lenses are not causing any eye damage. Usually they are safe and suit almost everybody. Now soft contact lenses are available which are more comfortable. It will take a few days to get used to wearing them but soon you will be quite comfortable. Information on how to wear and care for contact lenses can be gleaned from various websites.