May 112011

HGH refers to Human Growth Hormones. This therapy is provided by specialised clinics where the doctors have developed expertise in this regard. It is said that this therapy helps turn back time, you can lose weight and gain muscle strength making you to not only look younger but also feel smarter. These clinics help to improve quality of life of those people who are suffering from the problems of low energy level due to which the body takes longer time to recover from illness and injuries. This therapy is also helpful in stress management, muscle weaknesses, impotency in early thirties and improves the quality of your skin.

This therapy also helps reduce wrinkles and sharpens the mind which has gone dull prematurely. Human growth hormone therapy is used in weight management. Excessive weight can be controlled and muscles will get developed. This is due to better management of metabolism. In certain cases it has been found to regulate blood pressure and functioning of heart and other vital organs. The density of bones in case of men and women can also be increased by maintaining HGH level. The body resistance against diseases also increases.

HGH therapy is relatively a new development in medical science to take care of some ailments which are not age related, or occur prior to the age at which these should normally happen. When a person is young, HGH is present in abundance in the body. As the age progresses, the quantity starts to deplete and in certain cases go down below the desired level. This is the cause of depleting energy levels and starting of pre-aging problems.

This therapy is generally practised on the patients who are above thirty years of age and are suffering from any of the problems mentioned above. The patient has to undergo a number of tests to ascertain the hormonal imbalance and the requirement of particular hormones. Certain products are available in the market for HGH therapy. These included sprays and pills or oral supplements.

The latest being treatment using pharmaceutical grade HGH in injectable form and the injected material is identical with the body’s own chemical makeup. It is essential that this process should be carried out under the strict guidance and supervision of an expert. Generally the treatment is non toxic and has no side effects.

According to studies, injection of somatotropin or HGH hormone has been able to reverse the aging process in the case of people in middle age. This helps stimulate production of cells by the body and restores the functions and form of the body to the younger level.