Nov 212009

common cold symptoms treatmentCommon cold is the most general problem of the people and the viruses can spread from person to person through tiny droplets of mucus. The mucus is allowed to enter in the air from the nasal passages of infected persons and usually inhaled by other people. Touching the places that are contaminated by the touch of an infected person can easily spread cold amongst the people. There are about two hundred different viruses which can cause cold of different severity. It is really not possible to prevent the spread of colds but certain steps can be taken to reduce the chances of getting infected.

Hands should be washed regularly: It is really one of the effective methods to prevent the spreading of this problem. Hands washing frequently after visiting gym and spending time in public places will destroy viruses that have been touched by you. Try to avoid touching your nose, mouth and eyes.

Don’t share anything with others: One should avoid using the same cups or glasses to prevent this virus from spreading. Try to avoid sharing your food with others and use separate towels after bath. Children are particularly venerable to this problem and make them aware about it.

Make household surfaces neat and clean: Keep your door knobs, drawerspulls, keyboards, light switches, teltphones, remote controls, countertops always neat and clean so that viruses can be avoided. Try to wash theses surfaces with soap and water or disinfectant solution. All the commonly used items including the toys of the child should be regularly washed to avoid colds. One must use paper towels in the kitchen and bathroom for hands washing. One can touch germs that remain live for quite several hours on the towels and try to use separate towels for each members of the family or guests too.

Avoid smoking: Smoking can enhance possibility to cold and irritate the airways and cause cold to anyone. Even inactive smoking can create problems for others.

Tips To Prevent Common Cold

  • Avoid used tissues that are sources of virus which contaminate any place.
  • Maintain healthy lifestyle with complete sleep, good nutrition and physical exercise will enhance the immune system to fight infection.
  • Have a control on emotional stress which weakens immune system to catch cold instantly.
  • Make fruits a part of diet and eat an orange each day which is good source of vitamin C or have a cup of orange juice. Multi-vitamins are good to fight it.
  • To boost good bacteria, yogurt is good to eat.
  • Water prevents dryness and is to be drunk at least eight glasses of water each day.
  • Have sleep in sitting up style with head slightly tilted forwards to prevent mucus from nose to flow down to mouth and sleep bit longer in common cold infection days.
  • Make it sure to wash hands before eating, after bathroom and use paper towels to open door of bathroom at public places.
  • Avoid rubbing eyes, nostrils and ears with hands.