Aug 012011

Slouching means to sit stand or walk in a discomfited position. Nature has given an adequate curve line and a perfect body posture to us. Nature has given us three curves: 1st is the Cervical curve that is an inward or forward curve at the neck, 2nd is the Thoracic curve that is an outward and backward curve at the upper back and 3rd is the Lumbar curve that is an inward curve at the lower back. To maintain these curve lines you should be very much aware about right body posture.

A good body posture means a good and strong spine. On the other hand, a poor posture can lead to back ache, fatigue, stress and cervical pain. Poor body posture can also lead to many other problems especially in the old age. Slouching also gives a wrong impression and demeans the personality of an individual. To avoid slouching, you must carry out conscious efforts to maintain natural curves of your body.

How to make your posture better is a common question in mind. Keep your back straight. Try to look straight when you are walking. Trust yourself and your peripheral visualization. Keep a pillow between your back and chair to improve your body posture. It will provide support to small back and prevent the habit of slouching. Try to stand straight whenever you become conscious that your posture in not correct.

Do stretching exercises to correct your body posture. For stretching, lay straight on the floor and try to stretch your body fully. Keep your knees straight while doing so. Your back and shoulders must also be kept straight with the ground. Do this exercise at least twice a day. You should also roll your shoulder back 50 times at one time. While doing so keep your thumbs even with side seams of your trouser.

You can also try to walk straight by keeping a book on your head for improved body posture. Weight lifting is also helpful in improving and maintaining body curves. Weight lifting can also make your body attractive and healthy. Overhead presses, barbell rows and dead lift etc. are helpful in preventing slouching. Exercise tones up your muscles that further improves body posture. Yoga is also a good way for keeping body fit and for preserving exact body curves. Pranayama (breathing exercise) can also prevent slouching.

Swimming, aerobics and running can also improve your curve line. Use good quality mattresses to keep your body posture in a good shape. Do not sit by crossing your legs. Try to keep your feet horizontal on the ground.

In today’s time everyone spends many hours in front of computers and laptops. Computer is not as harmful for body posture as is the laptop. Avoid using laptop on bed in a reclining posture. Try to use computer and laptop by keeping it on a right size table. Don’t forget to set the angle of your PC so that you always sit straight.

Sometimes, poor eyesight can also encourage the habit of slouching. Get your eyesight checked and use spectacles if needed. Keep yourself busy in doing some physical work or in playing games like soccer, foot ball, hand ball etc.