May 212010

In the world of today where presentation matters a lot, you got to have a presentable and pleasing personality. Glowing skin is an inseparable part of your personality and skin that is healthy from inside,  is a boon for anyone. You may be young or ageing, a glowing skin is certainly a realizable ambition.

It’s true that many changes take place in our skin as we proceed towards the old age and many of these are permanent in nature. But it’s also true that a healthy life style and proper care of the skin can make a lot of difference. Our skin tends to lose its luster because of the loss of inherent moisture, loss of compounds like collagen and various environmental factors like different kinds of pollution etc.

The first step towards a healthy skin is a good life-style. Take proper sleep and rest and this would help de-stress your body and skin. Develop the habit of taking lots of water during day time. At least 8-10 glasses of water should be taken everyday on a regular basis. You can also drink fruit juices a lot but never undermine the importance of water. Water is great for the skin because it takes away various toxins from the body by way of excretion and perspiration.

Eat a balanced diet. Never skip fruits and green vegetables from your diet. Most people tend to do this to cater to the needs of their taste buds. They switch over to fast food, processed food and food that has a lot of sugars and flavoring substances in it. Such foods are harmful because they make various systems of your body unhealthy; this ought to have effect on your skin also.

Don’t let lethargy overcome you. Do exercise daily. The exercise may be mild or vigorous; some amount of it is required to keep your body systems healthy. A problem for example in the perspiratory system of your body can mar the beauty of your skin.

Avoid going in the sun for too long. In case you have to, use good quality sunscreen. You must be extra particular about the sunscreen as inferior ones have been proved to contain chemicals that in fact harm your skin instead of protecting it from damaging sun rays. The beauty products that you use should preferably be natural and herbal.

Actually, the thing is that if production of compounds (like collagen and elastin, these are proteins that are essential for the skin) is stimulated in a natural way, we are more likely to have healthy skin without any side effects. Many a time it has been seen that people tend to have awfully looking skin once they stop or miss their beauty treatment. Such beauty is artificial and a burden on your pocket and mind.

So, take resort to natural ways of getting glowing skin and you would find it a profitable endeavor in every sense of the word.