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Headache is a common problem. There are many types of headache such as tension headache, migraine, cluster headache, sinus headaches and many. It should be treated at the earliest to avoid some serious problems later on. Get it checked up before taking any kinds of treatment from doctor.

Migraine headache is one types of headache. It is some time very mild and not severe to debilitate the person. It is very frustrating to have problem of migraine. It gives pain in the cheeks and sensitivities to light, sound and nausea. Cluster headache is the rare types of common headaches. It affects the person within a period of one to three weeks with breaks of up to a year in between the episodes. Its duration is just a few minutes to a couple of hours and is very painful. It can occur up to eight times in a day to be accompanied by a stuffy nose, watery eyes and the painful portion get swollen. It is usually common in men to affect only sixty nine out of one lakh people.

Tension headache occur on the both sides of the head and can go up to the neck. It is severe, and mild to last up to a few hours. It occurs for several times in a month. Stress, fatigue, poor posture, eye strain, tobacco or use of alcohol and hormonal changes in women or during menstrual period are the symptoms of  this headache.

Sinus headache is one of the least misdiagnosed that happens to person frequently. Several factors should be seen before deciding it as sinus headaches. The person experiences ache not only in cheek area but also in forehead and behind the eyes. This pain is very worse in the morning and become mild to severe later on. Stuffy nose, green or yellow discharge comes out of nose. An infection can cause swollen lymph nodes and fever. It is often wrongly diagnosed migraine as a sinus headache.


Take medications only after consulting your doctor. Natural treatment can be used in case you are not interested in taking allopathic medicines. Massage therapy is a natural therapy to get relief. Rub the head starting from under the ears to move slowly towards the forehead. Scalp is rubbed with fingers gently to finish off by rubbing jaws, neck, and shoulders.

Reflexology is another effective massage involving feet or hands to stimulate the reflex portion which is connected to certain glands, organs and nerves. It is better to know the reflex regions to relieve headache.

Shiatsu is another therapy without any medicine and press gently on the web between the thumb and index finger to hold the pressure for fifteen seconds. Repeat this for several times before moving to hand. Use aromatherapy by diluting lavender essential oil to put one drop of this oil into half a teaspoon of jojoba oil to apply it on temples and along hairline. Feverfew is a  herbal remedy which regulates the pulsating blood vessels in the brain to ease tension and headache.

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