Nov 282009

how to get rid of double chinDouble chin is a sign of ageing. Double chin or crease below the chin arises due to genetics, slack facial muscles and excess calorie intake. When it arises out of aging process, it’s not possible to get rid of it but the extent can be minimized. Here are some suggestions to get rid of double chin.

It is important to monitor the calorie content in the food. Too much of fat would require more effort by the body to process them which stimulates aging process. Thus lesser calories mean lesser fat on the face.

Sitting in the perfect posture will help to get rid of double chin. Sitting up straight with jaw slightly jutted would be a good one. Using ergonomic chairs will facilitate this posture.

Chewing gum will help to clean the mouth as well as get rid of double chin. But care should be taken to chew only sugar free ones otherwise it would damage the teeth. Chewing would move the jaw and facial muscles cautiously and prevent from excess fat build up and loose skin. These muscles on the face are instrumental in maintaining a tight jaw line. These are the muscles used for chewing and making facial expressions.

Double Chin Exercises

Exercising the muscle called as platysma will help to get rid of double chin. This exercise involves opening the mouth wide and the bottom teeth should be pulled over the lower lip and then the jaw should be moved up and down. The motion should similar to, when one do if something were stuck in the lower jaw. This is motion is called shovel. This may look very funny but has immediate impact if carried out on a routine basis.

Also, Physical exercising is good way to keep the body healthy and burn off excess calories. This will help to keep the double chin at bay. Exercise could range from running, biking, stair climbing and aerobics etc.