May 062010

It is often said that sound mind lives in a sound body. It’s indeed true because if you are physically fit and robust you have every chance of living a long and healthy life in addition to looking attractive. Moreover, you will have a raised confidence level and your self-control will also explore new dimensions. A simple reason for it is that a muscular body is achieved after considerable time of strenuous activity that demands strong will power and concentration in your character. Getting a muscular body is not an easy task but needs regular exercise workouts with patience. Hurry to build the body muscular may be harmful.

First of all, you should choose the area of your body that you want to improve. For example some people want a powerfully built chest where as others want attractive abs. If you want whole of your body to be muscular, your workout should be a judicious mix of exercises that target different parts of the body effectively. Mostly, in such a case you should rope in the services of a personal trainer. He would judge your body, its merits and limitations and plan your workout accordingly.

One thing should be kept in mind that it’s not only arduous workout that is required for a robust body- the condition being that your workout should be a correct one. For example if you do excessive weight training without giving your muscles the time to relax, you won’t get satisfactory results. Similarly, if you do a particular exercise in a wrong manner, there are chances that your body/body part may develop serious injury.

Also remember that a balanced schedule is a prime necessity for building attractive muscles. If you keep on exercising for 3 hours and then go to your office for work, you aren’t going to move in the right direction. Rather, after every workout sufficient time for rest should be available to your body.

Not only that, proper and sound sleep is also a prerequisite for building good muscles. You should have at least 7-8 hours of sleep during night so that you are physically as well as mentally ready for the next day’s workout.

Scientifically also, growth hormones are released during sleep the most and that are essentially needed by your body that has a new schedule to meet. Body Grow foods and supplements have a secondary role to play in comparison to your growth hormones.

Another thing that is required is consistency. Workouts that are far and few between do more damage than good. Consistency comes from your level of interest and will power. If you have only superficial interest (you may call it infatuation) you are not going to proceed much further with your endeavor. You got to be in ‘love’ with yourself, your body and your workout schedule. There are simply no shortcuts to building great muscles.