May 102011

Arthritis means irritation of the joints. This disease relates to different joints of the body which get swollen and is a chronic sickness. This occurs in a variety of forms the common being osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. The former is a degenerative joint ailment that occurs in older age and the latter is a severe form and affect joints of fingers, wrist, hips, knees and feet. Arthritis also affects muscles and tissues of the body, the main symptoms being pain and stiffness of joint associated with swelling.

Arthritis is caused by structural change in joints mostly being weight bearing. This is also caused by hormonal changes, physical and emotional strain, effect of free radicals on the body cells and above all, in certain cases, it is hereditary and continues from generation to generation.

A number of medicines are available in the drug stores for treatment of arthritis which tend to reduce swelling and are pain killers. The effect is temporary. However certain natural remedies have been tried for a long time by people. Some of them are listed below:

  • Cut an unpeeled potato into slices and put it in a glass of cold water. Leave it as such overnight and drink the water at time of sunrise on an empty stomach and nothing should be taken for about half an hour afterwards.
  • Drink a cup of juice of equal quantity of carrot, celery and red beet. The alkaline action of these vegetables helps dissolve gathering of extra tissues around the joints.
  • A cup of juice of pineapple is also helpful. This juice helps reduce swelling and inflammation the cause of arthritis.
  • Another tried and tested remedy for arthritis is drenching a teaspoon full of sesame seeds in quarter cup of water. After getting up in the morning drink water along with the seeds.
  • Fill a jug of copper metal with water. After getting up in the morning, drink as much water as possible. This will help build up muscle strength. Some people also suggest wearing a copper ring or bracelet.
  • Garlic has anti inflammatory properties. It can be taken cooked but preferably two or three pieces of fresh garlic should be swallowed with water. Garlic helps improve a number of body functions.
  • Banana is a rich source of vitamin B6 and helpful in treating this ailment. It is advised to live on bananas for four to five days and eat nothing else.
  • Drinking three to four cups of herbal tea daily made from alfalfa herb for about a month will help reduce suffering from arthritis.
  • Doing massage of the effected parts with virgin olive oil is of great help as it helps reduce inflammation and relieve of pain.
  • Keep the body warm and do not wrap the affected parts with bandages. Have sufficient rest so that the joints are not over strained.