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Home Remedies For HangoverExcessive alcohol will ruin the body and mind. The feeling of hangover can be seen from these symptoms like dehyderation, uncontriollable thirst, dizziness, muscle pain, redness of eyes, irritation, nausea, fatigue and light sensitivity and fill the body with toxic chemicals. Some may experience diarrhea, tremors and difficulty in sleeping. Hangover can be stronger by taking drinks of red wine and black liquors. White drinks like wine, vodka, gin and white liquor may cause lighter hangover. Beer drinkers may experience nasty hangover.

Hangover Cure Tips

  • Eat raw eggs because it contains cysteine which is an antioxidant.
  • Banana or Kiwis will be very effective because it contains potassium.
  • Drink juices or water with little sugar added in it.
  • Rest is the best source to get the body recovered.
  • Vitamin-C juice like orange juice or mausami fruit juice will be better choice.
  • It is good to drink sports drink like Gatorade or Powerade
  • Mineral rich food namely pickles or canned fish can be effective.
  • Try to have shower or switching between cold and hot water.
  • Alka Seltzer can be tried for the morning relief.
  • Doing some exercises can also do the work.
  • An extra Multi B-Vitamin along with water can be taken before going to sleep.
  • Fresh air can also cure hangover because it can help in sobering up the process.
  • Ginger is good for hangover and sea sickness and can be taken in the form of tea or sorbet.
  • Honey is another very effective in curing hangover and restoring glucose.
  • Drink juice of three orange and one lemon to reduce the effect of hangover.
  • Mix two tomatoes, four slices of onion, three tablespoons of vineger, three table spoons of sugar, some lemon juice and put two teaspoons of Tabasco sauce to drink to cure the hangover.
  • People certainly believe in drinking a bloody Mary drink like vodka, tomato juice, spices and sauces to cure their hangover.
  • Greasy fry up is eaten before drinking alcohol to cure hangover.

How to Prevent Hangover?

1. Try not to mix different types of drinks and take only one type of alcohol.
2. Empty stomach drinking should be avoided.
3. Don’t mix alcohol with sauna because it leads to increased health risk.
4. Women should avoid competing with men while drinking alcohol.
5. Drink only clear alcohol which will not cause any damage to the body.
6. Brandy, red wine, tequila and rum are more prone to give hangover than white drinks.
7. Dark and colored alcohols have congeners that is cause of this hangover.
8. Don’t  more drink just to reverse the hangover and take more water to avoid hangover.
9. Eat only light and nutritious food and avoid fried and greasy food.


  • Avoid aspirin to control hangover.
  • Try to avoid coffee because it will dehydrate the body.