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first aid immediate burn treatmentBurning needs first aid emergency treatment. It is really important to note that the type of burning should be known to us before treatment. The burning can be 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th degree to evaluate which type of treatment is required to the patient. All kinds of burns like sunburn, burns from electrical to fire and chemical burns need to be treated properly. Medical treatment should be given immediately to the victim in case of third and fourth degree burns.

Four Degrees of Burns

First degree burn is on upper layer of skin. Sunburn or warm water is called a  burn with red and hot marks without any swelling or blistering of any sort.

Second degree burn covers the top layer of skin and parts of layers underneath with light red, blistery, swollen, moist, oozing and the pain is very sever.

Third degree burn will cover all the layers of the skin with the nerves and blood vessels getting destroyed and little pain. The color of the burn portion become white, yellow, black and red cherry, the skin is dry and leathery also.

Fourth degree burn can cover all the layers of his skin and going down into the muscles, bones and the pain is little because of burning of nerves and is very dangerous for life.

First Aid at Home

Try to minimize the burn damage in the case of first and second degree burn by putting the burnt portions in cool running water for at least ten minutes till the burning feeling get minimized. Don’t remove the clothes and no butter, oil lotions or any kinds of creams should be applied to the burning portion. It should be remembered that bandages are not advised because the burns need breathing. Emergency medical aid is needed in case of third and fourth degree burn and try to rush the patient to the emergency room.

Advice in Case of Electrical and Chemical Burns

An electrical shock is included in electrical burn and don’t try to pull the patient from electrical contract. It is good to switching off the current by wooden broom handle or any other nonconductive item to keep the person away from electricity. Rush the patient to the emergency room and CPR can be started if the victim has stopped breathing.

Corrosive liquids namely acid can cause chemical burns and cool running water should be poured as a first aid   to wash away or dilute the chemical. Medical treatment may be taken immediately.

Important Tips:

  • Personal protective equipment must be used by rescuer while rescuing the victim.
  • Continue to run the water over the burned portion till the ambulance is arrived.
  • Victims with burns on the face, hands, feet and genitalia need immediate medical aid.
  • Topical burn ointment or spray on the reddened skin without blisters can be applied.
  • Dehydration and hypothermia (loss of body heat) can cause the victim to experience weakness, fever or chills, dizziness, shivering and cold sweats which indicate that the patient must be given immediate medical relief.