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Nail problems are caused by trauma, infection, and many kinds of skin diseases like eczema and psoriasis. Malnutrition causes abnormal changes in nail. Dermatologist must be consulted in case of serious nail problems. Keratin is a protein of which nail is made of.

Nails get discoloration due to nail polish, antibiotic, anti-malaria drugs, nicotine got from smoking, or hair coloring agents. Nails are thickened due to fungal infection and psoriasis. Ridged nails are caused by age-related changes, trauma, attention to cuticles, fever, eczema, rheumatism, lichen planus infection. Splitting nails are caused by constant wet hands and using soap and detergents, often removing or using nailpolish, mild trauma like habitual finger-tapping.

There are many causes, lifted nail plate are due to over cleaning under the fingernails, hardening chemical like formalin in polish, psoriasis, rough removal of artificial nails, tinea a fungal infection. Bacteria infection caused by constant wet hands, attention to cuticles, severe biting of nails, and eczema. Fungal infection can cause lifting of nail plate, thickening of nails, crumbling of nails, discoloration and flaking and pitting of nail plate surface.

Trauma causes bruising of nail bed, lifting of nail, loss of nail plate, nail ridges and deformed growth of nails. There are other factors like lung, heart, kidney, liver, thyroid diseases which are equally responsible. Finger or toenail start to grow slow with the advance age. Growth of skin disease like warts, cysts and moles can also disturb nails health. HIV infection and Addison’s disease can cause nail problems.

Home Remedies

Keep good personal hygiene by wearing protective gloves for wet jobs like washing the dishes. Keep away from harsh chemical like strong soaps and detergents. Limit the use of chemical hair dying.  Avoid cleaning nails frequently or too vigorously. Never push back the cuticles while giving home manicure. Control the habit of biting or tearing off hangnails. Remove artificial nails carefully.

Avoid smoking and wetting hands frequently. Get treatment of eczema promptly. Protect yourself from fungal infection. Do not share towel with any one. Wear well-fitting shoes to have plenty of air movement in between. Consult dermatologist in case the infection. Take antibiotics, anti-fungal treatment under dermatologist’s supervision for any skin problems at the earliest.

Try to apply ice on the injured nail. Keep on trimming the detached nail to tape the nail in place. Drain blood from under the nail but avoid it if suffering from diabetes, peripheral arterial diseases. Keep your immune system strong. Use moisturizing lotion on the nails at bed time by covering it with white cotton. Make nails polished to slow the evaporation of water from the nails and reapply it once in a week to stop nail splitting. Never use chemicals, polishes, or adhesives which can harm the nails hugely.

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