Jun 072010

Dental problem is common in  all people. Swollen and bleeding gums indicate gum disease. Cavities in teeth is another problem being faced by all.

People usually don’t keep dental hygiene as a result, bacteria in the mouth form plaque on the teeth to cause gums to become inflamed, red, swollen and even bleeding.

Personal habits and use of tobacco, smoking cause mouth, gum and teeth problems. Plaque is the main cause of teeth decay and gum disease. Bacteria produce acids to destroy tooth enamel, a hard outer covering of the teeth, which leads to teeth decay. Sugar and starch high diet result in teeth decay. Soft drinks contain high doses of sugar, acids which erode teeth surfaces to damage it. Fluoride which is a substance found in natural water to strengthen teeth but lack of it lead to cavities in teeth. A cracked teeth, injured teeth or teeth with deep cavity will let the bacteria to enter to cause infection.

Deep pockets between teeth and gums are formed. Bleeding in the gums during and after tooth brushing. Teeth get loosened or shifted. Persistent bad breath and bad taste is felt all the time. There is a feeling of receding gums. Gums are red and swollen.

Preventions for dental health

Follow proper brushing technique with consultation of dentist or dental hygienist. Flossing daily to clear food particles from teeth. Try to eat a well-balanced diet including vitamin C and calcium. Drink water after every meal to wash food off the  teeth to prevent bacteria to form gum-damaging plaque. Avoid smoking and tobacco.

Try to be always cautious about hot or cold foods and fluids. Use lukewarm or cold foods on getting gum problems. Try to brush in a circular motion or forward, backward, up and down motion to keep teeth healthy. Get checked up teeth from the dentist at regular intervals  to prevent the teeth loss. Avoid eating fast foods and soft drinks which can damage the teeth. Grinding of teeth should be avoided to escape loss to teeth.

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