Nov 242009

dangers of sking tanning bed or boothIt is a wish of all human being to have beautiful skin. People who are lucky enough to get the excellent skin can boast of possessing a healthier, thinner and happier look. Many tan their skin with sunlight. While some use the tanning booth, which is not really healthy to use because it is dangerous and causes many side effects and diseases. Though, it is always better to feel good in having real and natural skin instead of tanned or colored.

Danger of Sunburn: The sunburn can actually damage your epidermis which is an outermost layer of the skin. The immune system of the body virtually sends extra blood to the damaged area which turns pink in color. This extra blood makes the flushing sensation in the warm blood. The peeling is being noticed because the white blood cells take complete charge by making removal of the damaged skin cells.

Myth About Tanned Skin: There is wrong notion regarding your tanned skin that it is beautiful and it is the right time that you should change your opinion and you will realize the tanned skin is not healthier skin. You are not safe in getting your skin tanned up to fifteen SPF and it may be safe in having up to two to four SPF.

Tanning Booth or Bed cause Skin Cancer: It is really a fact that UVA and UVB rays will cause skin cancer which is called melanoma, though it is curable if detected early. Chemotherapy and surgery is recommended in this case but very few are lucky to have got cured from this therapy. A solar Keratoses or actinic is the most common pre-cancer. Some chemical peels or liquid nitrogen are usually made used of in removing the scaly raised bumps.

Tanning cause Premature Aging: People who are getting their skin tanned just to look young are in fact damaging their skin to get aged prematurely. Persons are competing with one another to look younger and wished to reverse their age as long as they can and are virtually or sadly mistaken about it.

Tanning Booth may Damage Eyes: UV exposure can bring blindness and surgical treatment is not giving guarantee of safety. Your cornea gets damaged by the sunburn and tanning will the damage the eyesight hugely. It is better to save the eyes from getting damaged.

Natural Remedies for Skin Damages:

  • Make mixture of sugar, lemon juice and glycerin to rub it gently to soften sever tanned and dry skin.
  • Potato juice and lemon juice mixture is to be applied on the affected area to have result.
  • Skin of cucumber and put it in liquid and add one tea spoon chilled milk and apply on the skin.
  • Mix one tablespoon of turmeric powder with three table spoon of milk rubs it well on the affected area.
  • Mash few leaves of Aloe Vera mix it with lemon juice and apply it on skin.
  • Honey mixed with lime juice applies it on the skin.
  • Cider vinegar is really effective in removing sun tanned skin.