Mar 292011

Fungal infection strikes mostly in areas that are damp and dark like ears and toes. The fungus that infects toe nails is very difficult to cure. Medicine has to be taken for a long time and topical creams applied. It spreads mostly by contamination from infected articles of personal use like shoes, sandals, socks and moist area of the floor where the fungus may be present. Sweaty conditions contribute to the spread of this disease.

Home remedies can be tried in combination with medicines. The most common of them are various herbs, vinegar, hydrogen per oxide and essential oils. Out of all of these vinegar is the most effective. In the kitchen it is used as a preserving agent as it inhibits the growth of bacteria. It has also been used as an anti microbial product for many years to treat viral and fungal infections.

Vinegar is formed by the oxidation of fermented fruit juices like sugar cane, grapes and apples. It can also be formed by the oxidation of products containing alcohol like beer, cider and wine. Synthetic vinegar is also manufactured by some companies. It is called acetic acid. It is apparent that it will be sour and acidic in nature. It is safest to use natural vinegar. This can be made from grapes, honey, malt and coconut.

Apple cider vinegar is the most powerful vinegar amongst them used for treating fungal infections. It penetrated deep into the skin and kills the fungus. It is used by diluting with an equal part of water. The correct way to use vinegar is to dip the infected part in it for at least thirty minutes at a time. Then dip the affected part alternately in hot water and cold water for another thirty minutes this will greatly reduce infection. This will have to be done for at least a month.

Vinegar, being acidic, offers a hostile environment to the fungus and it is not able to grow again easily. If hydrogen peroxide is used along with apple cider vinegar, then the fungus is killed more quickly and effectively. It also gives relief from itching of the skin due to infection by restoring the PH balance.

Prevention is always better than having to treat stubborn infections so follow good personal hygiene. Wash and dry toes properly. Wear clean, loose fitting foot wear and do not share it with anybody. Wash socks regularly especially if your feet have been sweating.