Apr 252011

Everybody wants to remain young and attractive for as long as possible and wants to have a smooth and wrinkle free skin. However, with advancing age the fat layer beneath the skin gets depleted and the skin gets thinner. Sebum production gets inhibited making the skin drier which leads to wrinkles. To turn the clock back there are some treatments that can be availed.

Although Botulinum is a toxin many people are taking injections of it. It does not allow the muscles of the face to contract, giving a smooth and wrinkle free appearance to the skin. The effect wears off after about three months and the injection needs to be repeated.

If wrinkles are deep then material like fat and collagen are injected directly into them. Injecting such fillers takes about an hour. Sometimes stitches may be needed at the site of the injection. There may be some irritation and swelling for a few days following these injections.

The top layers of the skin can be removed by dermabrasion. Newer skin cells then grow on the surface replacing damaged ones. This is a harsh treatment and the skin may be red for several days. Scar tissue formed will take time to heal. A milder form of this treatment is micro dermabrasion in which less skin is scrapped off. Several sittings are required so you have to wait for some time to see the results.

Lasers too destroy the upper layer of the skin with heat. The skin underneath is thus prompted to produce more collagen, resulting in firmer skin. Wrinkles are thus reduced. Skin is burnt so it will take time to heal. Several sessions of laser treatment are required to diminish wrinkles. Many precautions have to be taken after each session like avoiding direct sunlight and using medication prescribed by the doctor.

The mildest form of treatment for wrinkles is to use anti wrinkle cream. However, their effectiveness is not ensured and they have to be religiously used for a long period of time. Many over the counter creams are available but you must use your discretion while purchasing them.

Read what the constituents are. Hydroxy acids will remove the top layer of the skin and as new skin grows small lines and wrinkles will disappear. Kinetin present in the creams will enable the skin to absorb and retain the moisture, reducing the formation of wrinkles. Copper peptides will increase collagen formation making the skin firm and elastic. If it contains retinol, it will break down wrinkle causing molecules and act as an antioxidant. Retinol is not recommended for use in pregnancy.