May 052010

Food allergies can be called an anomaly of nature. A simple question can be asked. When nature has made food to be eaten by us, why should it become allergic at all? The answer is that ‘strange are the ways of nature’ and we ought to abide by them. Whatever we may think and pray for, allergies are here to stay. Proper information about them can prepare us mentally regarding their attack.

1. Allergies are basically the ‘reaction’ of our immune system to a foreign substance that has entered our body. There is no need to panic as an allergy is not a disease in the proper sense.

2. Whenever a foreign particle enters our body and is not liked by it, our immune system starts producing ‘antibodies’ and ‘histamines’ to counter and destroy it. These antibodies and histamines are basically chemicals that may have effect on different parts of the body. These effects, say on skin, lead to skin allergies.

3. Some foods are not liked by the immune system of some people and hence these foods become the reason of food allergies. Wheat, milk, peanuts, shellfish, maize etc. are the common foods that may cause allergies.

4. You should not run from pillar to post in case of any allergy but get it properly diagnosed through skin and blood tests. These two kinds of tests are the preferred ones all over the world and there is no need of any kind of ‘expensive’ tests for simple allergies.

5. Some people think that their body is ‘intolerant’ to certain foods and that’s why they have become prone to allergies. This is a fallacy and should not be believed by any means because in case of food intolerance our ‘immune system’ is not involved.

6. If by chance you also encounter allergy when you have switched over to some other food that is similar to the one that you are allergic to, don’t get bothered at all. It’s a common property with food allergies that foods which are substantially similar often lead to same kind of allergies.

7. Allergies simply mean that your immune system is ‘over-reacting’ to certain substances that are considered to be unsafe by it. Don’t you ‘overreact’ to certain things in life? Does that make you an insane person? As you would agree an absolute NO is the answer to the above questions. The same applies to your body.

So, don’t be over-wary or over-concerned about the common allergies that you may encounter once in a while. Just follow the precautions and take resort to certain herbal remedies. Your allergic phase would pass without much trouble.