May 062010

Cold sores and Canker sores are both diseases of the mouth that involve painful blisters in the mouth. It’s not only the pain that is involved but also the embarrassment, as one is not able to talk, smile and eat properly. Most people take resort to liquid foods during the onset of these sores. Mostly these two are taken to be one and the same thing but actually there is a considerable difference in the nature and treatment of the two maladies.

Cold sores are mostly small bumps that are filled with some kind of liquid (organic matter). One who is about to suffer from these sores, often experiences strong burning feeling in the mouth. This is also a major symptom of this disease. Mostly these cold sores occur on the throat and around the area of lips and mouth. The liquid that is filled in them gradually starts coming out and forms a layer around the sores. This layer dries up slowly and then falls off. This is the end of cold sores, which are also known as ‘fever blisters’.

Cold sores are caused by a virus and may also have a genetic inheritance base other than being spread through contact. The virus has a very long dormant period and becomes alive because of a variety of factors like illness, injury, anxiety, trauma etc. If someone is frequently attacked by cold sores it’s an indication that there is something wrong with his immune system as well as eating/dietary habits. Various medicines are available for the treatment of cold sores. In addition to medication, good diet, stress management and healthy way of living can make ample difference.

Canker sores on the other hand, usually surface on the inner surface of the cheeks and whole of the tongue. There are accompanied with a lot of pain but gradually subside in about a fortnight’s time. Swelling takes place in these sores, they get filled with liquid and then finally come apart to end their life cycle. Almost everybody is able to bear this life cycle of theirs.

If someone has undergone great amount of tissue injury, he is very likely to be afflicted with canker sores. Stress is also construed a major cause of this disease, especially a recurrent one. Other reasons include iron/vitamin (especially B-12) deficiency and other diseases like Celiac disease.

If you are a frequent patient of gastroenteritis or have other digestion related problems, you better go to doctor the very first day you come to know of this disease. Once you get his disease you should avoid foods that have high citric/acidic content in them. This would provide you much relief.

In case the pain in unbearable, you should consult a doctor who would mostly recommend an antimicrobial oral rinse, an ointment or some kind of oral analgesic. Quick treatment in extreme case lies in taking medicines regularly as per the advice of the doctor.