Jan 182011

We all feel tired some time or the other. This is normal. But if you begin to feel tired and lethargic ‘all’ the time, then the alarm bell must start to ring and you must start looking for reasons of why this is happening. This feeling of being drained and exhausted may be due to physical, emotional, psychological factors, or simply due to hormonal imbalance.

Sugar is considered to be a real catalyst for energy. However, excess of sugar can damage your body system. You may feel revived after having sugar for short spans of time, but once that span is over, you will be left feeling even more drained out and tired. Therefore, it is better to have foods like whole grains, fresh fruits, fresh juice etc in order to boost your energy levels.

Although a cup of morning coffee is essential to a large chunk of population. However, excess caffeine actually makes you feel tired. It increases your blood pressure and causes a state of restlessness to start.

Too much or too little exercise also leaves you feeling tired. Excessive exercise leaves you drained off all energy. It also has effect on your muscle system. Therefore, one must exercise in limit and also according to one’s body make up.
Lack of water in the body or dehydration is a chief cause of constant feeling of being drained out. Therefore, one must have adequate amounts of fluids to keep the body in good working order.

Lack of sleep and lack of rest again works the same way as excessive exercise, leaving your body and muscles aching for rest.

Many physical factors play an important role in this condition. In case you are too thin or over weight, you might end up feeling tired. Physical illness, Anemia, Autoimmune disorders, Chronic infections, Diabetes, Hypothyroidism etc will also leave you feeling tired all the time. In  case of women, it has been observed that lack of iron leaves them feeling tired all the time.

Many a times, Psychological factors interfere with the normal functioning of the body and leaves you feeling tired and exhausted all the time. Excessive worries and stress leave you mentally and physically exhausted. Depression further aggravates this condition. Emotional shock, sudden changes, over expectation etc also can contribute to this feeling of constant tiredness.

Bad sleeping habits or even sleeping too much can be one of the reasons. Persistent difficulties in life, taking care of small children, working late nights or even working night shifts can be detrimental to health and give a feeling of lethargy. Mostly, alcohol disturbs sleep patterns and leave you feeling tired.