Nov 182009

chronic stress symptomsIt is long term psychological problem which keep on affecting the physiology of the body in a different ways that it ultimately becomes chronic. An intense condition like this may get created by the death of loved one, divorce and losing a job and your earning is stopped abruptly. A negative ailment can affect the body from chronic stress. It is always important to identify this stress as early as possible otherwise chronic stress can lead to create panic attacks or mental disorder. Heart problems is the result of such chronic stress

Teenage Depression

It is sadly misconception that a teenaged depression is the result of some hormonal changes that are being taken place naturally. Numerous symptoms in teenage are seen like chronic fatigue, problem in focusing one the work assigned, often lack of concentration and irritability. These symptoms of depression get worsened with the progression in age.

Some worse symptoms like crying, shouting, lethargy and complaining generally of tiredness and depression. It can virtually lead to chronic pain, stress headaches, fatigue or sometimes digestive problems.

Some changes can be observed in  eating habits, increase or decrease in body weight, sleeping style get changed, poor mood, feeling always worthless in society and avoidance of social get together. Parents must seek some medical treatment.

Causes of Depression

External stress leads to chronic depression. It may be because of a divorce in the family, family setup gets disturbed, sometimes financial problems, death in family and recent tragedy can lead to trouble or sexual abuses and alcohol or drug problems.

Some social, academic or sports goals are not getting fulfilled which can be cause of depression. Serious depression can compel the victim to commit suicide. So it is really worth mentioning that such symptoms may be recognized at the earliest to find some solution of this problem. Medical help is immediately required to be given to the affected person.


1. Try to see any sign of anxiety in the concerned person. It may be seen in the form of worry, nervousness, fear and apprehension. Some ailments like heart palpitations stomach problems and difficulty in breathing process may be experienced.
It is always good to observe the tension or headaches. These kinds of headaches can be seen when there is contraction of face muscles, forehead, shoulders and neck.
3. There is problem of insomnia. Prolong sleep problem is created because of chronic stress.
4. There is long-term problem of diarrhea and disturbance in digestive system. It is accompanied by abdominal pain, gassiness and bloating.

How To Reduce Stress?

  • Share your thoughts and problems with close friend or spouse.
  • Physical exercise will be good for health.
  • Share your responsibility.
  • Learn to be more assertive.
  • Avoid excessive alcohol.
  • Don’t drink coffee excessively.
  • Eat balanced and healthy diet.
  • Relax yourself with music.
  • Adopt breathing techniques.
  • Try to organize some time for yourself.
  • Develop friendship with others.
  • Morning and evening walk  to keep yourself healthy.
  • Take complete sleep to unburdened yourself.