May 262010

Many vision related problems occur because of one or other kind of fault with the lenses of eyes. For example, some people are not able to see things that are very close to the eyes. This happens because the lenses of the eyes are not able to expand properly due to loss of their elasticity. Such a problem can be easily resolved by the use of bi-focal lenses.

With rapid advancement in medical science, high quality bifocal lenses are available these days that have become a favorite with many a patient. In fact, a bifocal lens is made up of a pair of two lenses. This is done in order to get best adjustment of the focus of vision. One lens takes care of long distance vision where as the other one caters to short distance vision. To put it in simple words, by using bifocal lenses patients are able to get remedy for both type of vision defects (shortsightedness and long-sightedness) in a single lens.

By using bifocal lenses you get free from the botheration of wearing and safekeeping your spectacles. They are cost-effective and provide you maximum visibility. Your depth perception also gets improved as compared to mono-vision lenses. A type of bifocal lens called the ‘concentric bifocal lens’ is a refined variety in which the long distance vision is taken care of by the middle portion of the lens where as short distance vision happens through the outer portion.

Bifocal lenses called Aspheric lenses are made is such a way as to create a multifocal effect. Then there are the diffractive lenses that work on the principle of diffraction. When light enters these lenses they diffract it into diverse images. Each image is a function of the distance of a particular object.

Translating bifocal lenses are also preferred by many people. In these lenses particular areas are marked for distance and near vision correction. Generally, top of the lens caters to long distance vision where as lower portion of the lens corrects short distance vision. For example, if such a person wants to look at near objects he has to focus at the lower part of the lens. People like this separation of different visions and find it convenient.

Many types of bifocal lenses are available today. They come in soft as well as hard materials. You must buy one only after consulting with your doctor/optician so that you get the best deal at an affordable price. Online shopping has proved to be cheaper than conventional shopping.

Mostly it has been seen that teenagers opt for that type of bifocal lens that is the ‘talk of the town’. Though there is nothing wrong with going in for the latest fashion, in case of lenses you have to see if such a lens would be accepted by your eyes or not. People who force their eyes to adjust to a particular type of lens can complain of eye allergy/infection afterwards.