May 102011

When a person is born and as he grows up, he passes through many stages of development. During childhood the body is in the stage of development. Slowly the person grows into an adult. This is the middle part of the life. All body functions are generally normal, and he or she has the strength to digest whatever he eats and convert it into necessary nutrients which provide energy to the body. Slowly, as age advances, he grows old. The systems begin to lose strength, his reflexes start to slow down, digestive system weakens, his skin also become loose and he starts to get tired easily.

It is at this time of life that anti aging vitamins and minerals come into play. Anti ageing vitamins come from a variety of sources. These mainly being natural come from plants, fruits and vegetables. Except for Vitamin D which can be produced by our body, other vitamins enter our system through what we eat. Scientists developed processes to isolate these vitamins from natural produce and converted the isolated material into pills. These help to eliminate the deficiency in our body due to deterioration of digestive system.

The best anti aging vitamins and the effect on our body are discussed hereunder:

Vitamin A also known as Alpha or Beta Carotene helps the following functions of our body. This vitamin helps to prevent night blindness. With sufficient supply of this vitamin to our body the skin remains youthful and glowing. The most important anti- aging help of Vitamin A to our body is that it aids replication of genes, thus preventing cancer cell formation. As far as possible it is safer and better if this vitamin is consumed through fruits and vegetables.

Vitamin B is in the form of Vitamin B 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 9 and B12. These generally work on our body with each other. If taken separately and not in recommended proportions, these do not work well.  Due to this reason supplement in the form of Vitamin B complex is recommended by the doctors. This vitamin helps to lose weight and keep up the energy level of our body. This also helps strengthen our immune system to keep us healthy and fit. Vitamin B also helps strengthen our nervous system, keep stress away and keep us calm, a key requirement of anti aging mind.

Vitamin C has remarkable antioxidant properties. It helps us to keep healthy, support heart and above all prevent LDL cholesterol from damage by oxidants.

Vitamin D often called vitamin generated by sunlight, helps absorption of calcium and prevent osteoporosis, an aging problem found more prominently in women. This also helps prevent colon cancer another aging disease.

Vitamin E is an important antioxidant and an ally in our fight against age related problems.