Mar 292011

Cuts on the corners of the mouth are in medical terms called Angular Cheilitis. A person suffering from this problem gets cuts on both sides of the lips. These, like any cuts on any organ of the body which moves, are painful and difficult to cure. In addition to the mouth, these cuts can appear in finger joints, elbows and back side of the knees. In case of the cuts mentioned above, with every movement the skin gets expanded and contracted resulting in reappearing of the cuts.

The situation is the worst in case of the mouth. Mouth cuts are quite painful and embarrassing for a person suffering from this problem. He is often unable to speak or eat properly when in company of others. There is movement of mouth or lips when any one talks or eats. With the cuts remaining for a long time and often being touched with hands while eating or some food getting stuck on the cuts, there is a chance of development of bacterial infection. This infection often worsens resulting in inflammation and itching. When itching starts there is further tendency of touching the cuts.

According to medical science, the known cause of Angular Cheilitis is deficiency of vitamin B and iron deficiencies. This can be due to poor eating habits. These can also be caused due to you being allergic to some toothpaste or lipstick. Dehydration can also cause cuts in the corners of your mouth or you may have a yeast or bacterial infection.

For treatment of Angular Cheilitis, in consultation with your doctor, it is essential to take a vitamin B complex supplement and an iron supplement. Drink plenty of fluids, preferably water. Liquid intake equivalent of eight 8 oz. or five glasses of water every day will keep your body hydrated and this quantity needs to be increased during hot weather. It will be essential to review all your personal-care products, stop using any product that you started using on your face or in your mouth recently or when the cuts started to appear on your mouth.

Keep the corners of your mouth dry, and don’t touch your mouth with your hands or tongue. Avoid foods such as spicy and citrus foods that could irritate the cuts, and wash your mouth with water after eating. Before you go to bed at night, apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly to the sores to moisturize the skin and hasten healing process. In case of extreme condition, visit your physician.