May 102011

Premature greying of hair is a big problem these days with the younger generation. Many people in the age group of around twenty start to get grey hair. Though grey hair may look graceful on the head of a person in his fifties or sixties, but on the head of those in twenties or thirties it looks unappealing.

There are many reasons for premature greying of hair. Low pH level of the body can be one of the major reasons for premature greying of hair. pH is a measure of acidity or basicity of a solution. Pure water is neutral with pH of 7. Solutions with pH less than 7 are considered acidic and those above 7 are considered alkaline or basic.

If the pH level of your body is low i.e. you are acidic, as per research, you are likely to face many health problems including premature greying of hair. The level of acidity may go up due to a number of reasons. These include leading a stressful life, eating habits and sedentary life style.

If you are leading a stressful life there is every likely-hood of you developing a problem of excess acid formation and chest burning. Food also plays an important part in reducing pH level of your body. Fast foods though tasty are harmful. These food items lower pH level, convert into toxins, enter blood circulation system and cause havoc to your body, causing grey hair, wrinkling and premature aging. Excess of acidity is also a cause of development of cancer cells.

To overcome the problem of low pH level consuming alkaline food is a way out. This will balance the acid level and raise the pH. Higher pH means a healthy body which is able to fight against premature greying of hair and aging. Instances have been reported of grey hair turning black when the pH level is increased. The chances of developing cancer cells will also decrease.

To increase pH level of the body coconut oil can work wonders. It can be applied on the hair to reverse the greying process. In addition organic coconut oil should be made part of the diet. It can be used for cooking purposes. You can make a candy and eat it regularly. For this mix equal quantity of coconut oil and chocolate, to this add equal quantity of coconut flakes and melt the chocolate to make it a homogeneous mixture. Spread it on some foil and place it in a fridge to cool. Once cool cut into pieces and eat regularly.

To kill acidity you may also drink sufficient quantity of water and eat green leafy vegetables with each meal. Alkaline vegetables includes green beans, green peas, cucumber, spinach, cauliflower, celery, edible flowers, egg plant, garlic, onion etc. Make these and many more a part of your diet to keep away premature grey hair and aging process.