May 042010

Alcohol and drugs can play havoc with your body if you get addicted to them. The most difficult part is the path of de-addiction that may be so strenuous as to lead to severe depression or even suicide. So, the first advice that needs to be adhered to is that you should embark the path of de-addiction only in the presence of a qualified medical professional.

First of all you should develop very strong determination and try to withdraw yourself from your intake of alcohol or drugs. This withdrawal process would help in detoxifying your body from the constituents of alcohol and drugs that have accumulated in your body. Slowly and gradually your body will discard the toxins by way of excretion, perspiration and other body processes.

After this you would be in need of therapeutic counseling and emotional therapy. It is strongly recommended that you go in for counseling only after you have mastered the ‘withdrawal process’. Many a time, people (especially adolescents) become overconfident and think that they would be able to ‘withdraw’ themselves solely with the help of emotional/therapeutic counseling. This is a wrong approach and may be a ‘defense mechanism’ that has been invented by your mind to thwart your decision.

In medical terms, ‘alcohol detox’ is referred to the total time that is taken by a person to free himself from his compulsive need of taking alcohol. This time can be full of mental as well as physical pain as your body always tries to counter any effort that you undertake to ‘de-addict’ yourself. Therefore, the presence of and monitoring by well qualified medical professionals is a prime necessity in this endeavor of yours.

For this purpose it is recommended that you join an alcohol rehabilitation center as an in-house patient. It’s better if this center has a license and employs well-trained medical personnel. Any kind of mental or emotional crisis that you may suffer is well taken care of by such centers. All the more, you may suffer from aches, insomnia, vomiting, DTs (delirium tremors) and even seizures. These conditions require medical attention that you may not get at your home. So, you should not feel any kind of shame or insult while joining such a center.

On an average, four days to a week’s time is all that you are required to spend at a rehab center in order to complete your detox program. Mind you, you must not ever try or even think of taking alcohol or drugs during the course of the treatment. ‘Iron Will’ is the most important ingredient of such programs. If you own it and are able to master it, you would be able to free your body from the shackles of alcohol and drugs in a very normal way.

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